Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on the southern coast of Delaware is an easy drive from most Washington, D.C. and for this reason bills itself as the “Nation’s Summer Capitol.” Visitors also arrive from New Jersey, Maryland and New York, although in smaller numbers. This entire area of the Delaware coast is part of the fastest growing and most densely populated beach resorts. Increasing numbers of lodging units combine with the rustic atmosphere of the old boardwalks, the arcades, games and eateries.

Traditional style beach resort activities combine with hints of the city’s past in the museums, displays and exhibits. The town was founded in 1873 as a Christian camp meeting site, but this usage lasted for only a few years before being reverted to the Delaware General Assembly. The concept was not new; it had been tried in Ocean City, New Jersey among others.

The town of only 1500 residents actively encourages the Rehoboth Beach activities and succeeds in drawing over 75,000 visitors each year for activities that range from beachcombing to fishing and from arcade games to open air concerts.

Rehoboth Beach has it all. The beach itself is one mile long; just the right size for strolling. Wander along the boardwalk, or stop off at one of the benches to rest and refresh yourself. You can swim in the Atlantic Ocean, wander the beach sands, or, check out the top-notch eateries that line the boardwalk.

There are some unusual activities found here at Rehoboth Beach that are not found elsewhere along the Atlantic Beach boardwalks—cooking classes. These are fun for kids or adults, but consist of creative cooking classes. Good for a day or a week, or even as part of one of the kids summer day camp programs, cooking, crafts and games seem to fit the theme of the beach.

Food choices are full spectrum at Rehoboth Beach too, If you’re not that wild about seafood, but love Mexican—you can have Dos Locos on the beach at Rehoboth.
Adriaticos specializes in Northern Italian cuisine and Abstractions provides a full-range dinner menu plus a sushi bar.

If you just want to eat snack food, fudge, or candy creations along the boardwalk, you can find that as well here.

If you’re searching for lodgings, there are literally hundreds of guest lodging choices available. You can choose bed and breakfast, motel, hotel or rental cottages at all levels of accommodation and quality. No matter what kind of lodging choices you make, you can be sure that the hosts will be the friendliest and most accommodating hosts you’ve ever enjoyed staying with before.

Many of the oceanfront condominium resorts provide ocean view with all the amenities of swimming pool, restaurants and coffee shops. If you prefer a pet-friendly bed and breakfast—try the Homestead at Rehoboth. It’s a charming country setting with beautifully appointed rooms and extra delicious home-cooking for your enjoyment.

And if the beach, lodging, boardwalk and food options are not enough to please you, there is a whole array of quaint shops along the boardwalk and inland to tempt the most jaded shoppers palate.

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