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Miami Beach, situated on the South Florida Atlantic coastline, has the ideal semi-tropical sunshine found nearly always in Florida. The television show “Miami Vice” provided the South Beach area of Miami Beach’s coastline with a huge economic boost. “The Beach” or “SoBe” used to be a rundown and shabby neighborhood, but it has been revitalized to contain some of Florida’s most luxurious and high priced real estate. Because of its more cosmopolitan flavor now, part of South Beach allows sunbathing nude. South Beach originated as a low-priced community for retirees. It was Miami Beach’s first development. The twenty blocks along the southernmost beachfront known as South Beach has become an ultra prestigious area of Miami Beach.

During spring break, thousands of visitors come to Miami Beach to enjoy the beach and water activities. The nightlife is thriving during spring break and the balance of the year as well. More than 150 clubs, bars and dance halls operate throughout the night, sometimes until early morning hours. Visitors from out-of-town may experience difficulty visiting the more popular bars, such as “The Deuce” and “Clevelander” both located on Ocean Drive.

Even if the tourist is allowed into the club—which is unlikely—cover charges can be expected to run anywhere from $20 to $60 dollars and this is only after a several hour wait. Still the spring break visitors arrive. It’s expected that the 2007 spring break season will see South Beach with record visitors due to most appealing discount packages offered by hotels and airlines.

In the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, listed in the National Register of Historic Places you will find the world’s largest collect of Art Deco hotels, houses, commercial establishments and other buildings. 

Miami Beach houses branch offices for most of the major modeling agencies and can provide world class models for the locations in and around the beaches

World class shopping opportunities can be found along the South Beach portion of Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive. Hundreds of trendy boutiques and one-of-a-kind shops plus major shopping centers such as Bal Harbor Shops in North Miami Beach and Lincoln Road in South Beach can be found along the beach front.

You may prefer a day on the sand just people watching on the topless beaches. If you’re a golfer, a day on the premier golf courses would be just the thing to enjoy during your visit. A daylong fishing trip in one of the offshore areas, or enjoying the historic sights and museums, provides quiet activities, even for children. More active children’s programs are to be found at Flamingo Park and Lummus Park on Ocean Drive.

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