New Hampshire Beaches

New Hampshire Beaches
New Hampshire Beaches

New Hampshire beaches cover eighteen miles of beautiful and scenic coastline. There are mix of beaches on the New Hampshire shore that have public access and facilities and the remainder being private beaches.

There are a variety of activities that take place at each of the beaches of New Hampshire. Whether you want to spend quiet relaxing day or if instead you want to spend the day surfing you will find a beach that caters to your mood. Nearby boating, hiking, camping are just few of the activities to round out your beach vacation. The best New Hampshire beach going months are July and August.

New Hampshire Beaches
Hampton Beach NH
New Castle NH
Portsmouth NH
Rye Beach NH


Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach is one of the most famous beaches of the world that brims with activity every evening throughout the year. It has lots of shops, luxurious accommodations, amusements, boating and other activities. There are accommodations to fit every budget starting from the smallest of cottages to the most luxurious hotels. There are a lot of attractions in the area surrounding Hampton Beach where one can spend time. Fuller gardens, seacoast science center, strawberry banke museum are just to name a few. Not to miss is the Hampton cinema’s that show a number of flicks from time to time. Golfing is the most preferred activity over the shore. Hampton beach hosts a number of golf courses to practice and take a challenge at. For the shoppers Hampton beach offers few quality shops to purchase quite a few desirables.

Rye Beach
Rye New Hampshire is a very popular beach. With Jenness State Beach and Wallis Sands State Beach access is available offering a wide variety of activities offered. Sun bathing, treasure hunts, swimming, boating, fishing etc are most favored activities of the beach. The play land over the beach offers several rides for people of all age groups. Lifeguard’s, parking facilities, changing facilities, rest rooms, some restaurants and shops. Irrespective of which hour of the day it is you would find the beach brimming with people relaxing and enjoying their day.

New Castle Beach
New Castle beach is a small beach those who would like to spend time on a lesser visited beach area. There is limited access to New Castle beach and may be reached on foot or by bike. Arrive early as parking is limited and there are no parking lots adjacent to the beach. The beach is pretty rocky and visitors do come across a lot of huge rocks that lay besides the cold waters. There are no facilities, lifeguards or any other amenities available at this beach. The best way to reach the beach is via New Castle common. This beach offers beauty and view of the water to captivate the visitor.