Key West Florida

Sunset Key West Florida
Sunset Key West Florida

Despite being situated at the southernmost part of the Continental US, Key West, Florida, remains one of the hottest vacation spots in the region as thousands and thousands of tourists come to experience a different holiday getaway there. Unbeknownst to a lot of people the place was home to many famous people including the Harry Truman, Thomas Edison, Tennessee Williams, and Lou Gehrig just to name a few. The region boasts of its palm-tree-line streets peppered with all the conceivable shapes and sizes of mansions and houses.

Ample transportation is ready to accommodate tourists and bring them to all the interesting spots of the region. Enjoy riding the many trolleys and trains as you get yourself familiar with the relaxing atmosphere. One can start his holiday vacation with a visit to the fabled galleon Atocha and be mesmerized by the extensive display of great works from famous as well as unknown artists.

Key West, Florida, is famous for the Sunset Celebration. Held at the Mallory Dock, this simple celebration is held to commemorate the setting of the sun. After this event, the place bursts with life as people party all night.

At night, street artists, mimes, jugglers, and other entertainers swarm the streets of Key West to provide a different touch of amusement to spectators. Couples and other groups enjoy the wind, beer, and some light music at open-air bars and cafes. Reviving the city’s economy and social standing is greatly owed to the great efforts of the gay and Lesbian Community during the 1980s.

Visiting the old town of Key West, one will be fascinated by the true botanical architectural beauty that it holds. Key West boasts of its tropical trees and flowers beautifying old wooden homes. Chartered fishing boats transport hundreds of tourists every day to the well-known the Blight. There they could enjoy mouthwatering meals of seafood and local delicacies.

Most people unusually travel around the region in their bare feet. Still others choose to be on their bicycles to be able to leisurely look around as well. Fishing, diving, and other waters ports can be enjoyed in the many beaches surrounding the region. Golf is also a major recreational activity both for tourists and locals alike.

With Key West’s open ocean, snorkeling and diving can be enjoyed by many tourists. Breathtaking coral reefs with a large variety of species of fish abound these ocean.

Taking a leisurely stroll along the harbor, anyone can observe the new Seaport district that is rich with seafaring history. Along the same harbor, one can reach the many food establishments offering a large assortment of delectable menus prepared by award-winning chefs who have acquired their culinary skills from around the world.

Hotels, cottages, and inns are plentiful in the area. One will never have to worry about where to spend a night or a week of relaxing vacation. Visitors may choose from clean and affordable resort facilities provided with all amenities or opt for bed-and-breakfast accommodations, guest houses, and other rental units in the area. Regardless of whether you will be staying for just a night or for a week, Key West guarantees 100 percent satisfaction and fun.

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