Outer Banks Fall Secret

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, North Carolina

Not long ago the multitude of vacationers headed home from the Outer Banks of North Carolina at summers end. As the crisp fall air sets in, the Outer Banks turns back to its tranquil off season setting. Although the summer is officially over the waters remain warm and the fall nor’easters and waves are abound. Fisherman await the fall run of fish heading south from parts north.

The Outer Banks offer near summer weather well into fall but with the benefits of off season rates and less tourists to compete with at stores, shops, restaurants, boat charters, watersports, ecotourism areas and the like.
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Fall at the Jersey Shore

New Jersey Shore
New Jersey Shore

Adding to another great Beach Season at the Jersey Shore were the unexpected patches of warm weather throughout September into early October 2007. With the water temperatures in the mid to upper 60’s until into early October, many could be seen swimming, wading, and body surfing at the Jersey Shore on weekends.

Several Nor’easter’s hampered some of the fun but helped to keep beach water temperatures warm. None the less the surfers were very happy for the waves.

With the water temperatures dropping the much anticipated fall run of Fish heading south should keep local fisherman busy until Thanksgiving. Stripped bass are making their way south as this is being written from off more northern East Coast Beaches such as Cape Cod and Long Island heading down the Jersey Coastline. With the Several Day Nor’easter now over and winds out of the west fish should be hitting the beach.

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