If this is your first visit, we thought of the theme for this website after spending countless hours web-surfing for all of our favorite beaches. From the title of the site I am sure you can guess what they are:).

Since 1998 we have been collecting, organizing, and presenting the best East Coast Beaches of the USA as part of our website. Starting as a simple list of websites, it has grown over the year to an extensive directory of over 4,000 beach and beach related websites, a blog with beach related articles, and a beach mall with vacation rental and hotel links. We are continually updating our directory with new beach websites and other information.

The same now as was in 1998, each and every beach and related site is reviewed by a live person to categorize the websites into the proper categories prior to placement in our east coast beaches guide to ensure you have the highest quality links. We do not use automated or scrapping methods to build and maintain our directory ensuring you the highest editorial quality.

For the 2017 Beach Season we will be updating our website them to be a more visual interactive format. As always we perform a complete refresh of directory to remove old dead links and to add more beach websites for your browsing enjoyment to include beach vacation rentals and beach hotels. We are currently have over 4000 beach and related links.  Please feel free to provide comments and suggestions that will help you and other visitors get the most from this east coast beaches of the USA guide.

See you at the beach!